About Us

Animalandia is a non-profit organization that offers sterilization and adoption services for homeless dogs and cats.

Our purpose

Improve the quality of life of the animals and people of Loreto Baja California Sur, promoting the sterilization of dogs and cats and promoting education about the care of animals.

The mission of Animalandia is to reduce the population of unwanted animals of Loreto through the sterilization of stray dogs and the pets of people who could not otherwise pay for this service. Currently, Animallandia has this sterilization clinic, with the help of visiting veterinarians, who organize clinics in Loreto several times a year.

The potential impact of sterilization is tremendous. In a community the size of Loreto, around 15,000 inhabitants, the work of Animalandia makes a remarkable reduction in the population of street animals, making the streets cleaner and safer and improving the lives of animals.


Community education is tremendously important to help control the population of unwanted animals and to improve the well-being of human residents. In addition, it has been shown that it has reduced the abuse of animals through humans.


We found home to many unwanted animals that come to animalandia and are sent abroad where they adopt and give much love, are also delivered for adoption to people from the same community of Loreto where they are followed up on their care.

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Animalandia Loreto, BCS, México
Tel: + 52 (613) 114-55-23 | info@animalandialoreto.org
Parabolica y Modezto Sanches, Loreto, Baja California Sur, México