Welcome to Animalandia Loreto, Baja California Sur, México

All the members of Animalandia, we want to publicly thank all the kind people who participated with their donation and that thanks to their donations, it was possible to improve and make new constructions for the benefit of the Animals which we rescued from the street and put them up for adoption and while that happens, they will be in a comfortable place and protected from the weather, likewise we are infinitely grateful to the ladies Debra and Denise, since with their monthly donations, Animalandia is castrating the dogs of poor people month after month, and thank you Thanks to your monthly sponsorship, we continue to eradicate the overpopulation of animals.

Our heartfelt thanks to Christina Friesen, Debora Stuar, Debra Kabrich, Denise Nelson, and Ilda Coronado.

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Animalandia Loreto, BCS, México
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Parabolica y Modezto Sanches, Loreto, Baja California Sur, México