Happy Tails

We sent Charlie up to the Pacific Pug Rescue in Oregon, USA and he was swiftly adopted by a loving family. He is now known as Churro.

Pretty Rosa has been adopted by Joyce Nakata who lives in British Columbia, Canada. Rosa will make the journey north with her foster caregivers in April.

Super cute Leo has been renamed Buddy by his new caregivers. Buddy is going to hitch a ride north to his new home in Palm Springs in February.

Stella is now known to her new caregivers as Bella. We sometimes get close to the right name! Lexi Craven is the proud new caregiver for Stella. They live in picturesque Lake Tahoe.

Zoey has had a bit of an adventure since she left Animalandia. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, her original adoptive caregiver was no longer able to care for her. Lynn stepped up and adopted Zoey who is now known as Annie. Her new home is a farm in Idaho, USA.

Leanne Lowden got a two for one deal when she adopted both Coco and Casper. They will all live together in California, USA.

Pepita, now known as Gracie was adopted by Linda Fitzpatrick and is now living with her new caregiver in Loreto Bay.

Super cute little Stevie was fostered by Donna Friesen in Loreto while she waited for her ride to her new home in Washington state USA and her new caregiver Ranie Keithahn.

Luna, who is now known as Loreta was adopted by the Morgan family. She’s now living her best life in Montana, USA.

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