Happy Tails

With this beautiful dog, another happy story was also achieved, since she was a stray dog ​​and fortunately one of our volunteers Hilda Coronado and Lucy Gonzalez managed to catch her, since for several days they chased her in the streets, until they finally captured her and They took her to Animalandia where she underwent surgery and all her vaccinations were administered, and thank God a great person decided to adopt her and now as you can see, the dog now runs freely and in the company of her owner who also enjoys an exercise routine.

We are very pleased to share with you one of the many happy stories that happen every day with the dogs that are adopted in Animalandia, as you can see, the dog was adopted as a gift for a girl who gladly received it as her new pet, and with this they will create a history and a family bond that will last in their memories. The dog was rescued from the street by a foreigner.


Hi, my name is pinki!!

I am a puppy loved by my new family, after having suffered a lot of abuse by my old humans who promised to take care of me and it was not like that, they threw me in the doors of animalandia completely weak and with a broken leg back, after a heavy beating they gave me.

Thank you animalandia I am in perfect health where they took care of me and gave me adoption with a good family, the calculation that the veterinarian took me is 15 years old I am old but the love they give me makes me very happy!

Hello my name is cinnamon

I am a dog rescued from the dump of Loreto by animlandia volunteers in 2001 where I suffered from cold and without food only my short life I had to go through the mistreatment of the human, I was the first sterilizations that made the AC At the home of LUCY they took care of me until finally they found a home full of love for me where I was aged along with my life partner the human who has protected me for more than 17 years.

We are pleased to share with great joy that the puppy called Ojitos, which was rescued by Animalandia, is now being trained in the United States of America, to help people with different abilities, which gives us great pleasure in the great work for which it is being trained, and above all that will help with the coexistence and recovery of some wonderful people.

All of us who participate in Animalandia thank you for your support and collaboration for the welfare of the animals we rescue and give up for adoption.

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